spolu / sami

together / alone

Can we be happy when we find our soulmate?



The City is a living organism which takes crucial part in the game. The players use its streets, parks, cafes, but also houses and apartments. Prague is not just the environment but truly another participant of the game.


We envision lyric larp filled with walks in the city, long night talks and deep looks into the eyes. We want mood, atmospheric, melancholic larp. We want you to hear music in your head while playing it.


Spolu/sami takes place in present-day. It is a larp about ordinary people who are dealing with their everyday problems. You can meet these people on the street, you are going to work with them or you know them from school. It is a game about people whose story you would like to live through.


Do you like Before Sunrise, Love Actually or Paris, I love you? Do you? We would like to transform similar feelings into the larp. We hope that the game will be filled with mosaic of stories about people who love each other, hate each other, are looking for each other or finding each other.


We will create the characters and their stories together. We will provide you with creative tools and structure of the game. What will be the story of your character is completely up to you and your co players.


The larp has an unifying topic. On one hand it ensures that we will be on the same page, on the other hand it will be loose enough to ensure that the stories will vary. We would like to invite you to search an answer for a question: Can we be happy if we find our soulmate?


Lucie Chlumská

She loved mum’s stories at the beginning. Then she read books. And watched movies. A lot. There is a special place for romantic pieces in her heard. So special, that she likes not only intellectual dramas but also the Twilight saga. When she started creating larps, she wrote about things she likes -- about relationships, love, friendship and human weaknesses. This is what you can find in her’s chamber larps such as L--world or Takové hodné děti (Such a good children). And she is trying to smuggle the same topics into her’s bigger projects which she is creating with Rolling association (De la Bete, Legion: the Siberian story and others). She is not drawing beautiful diagrams when she creates larps as Kamil do, but on the other hand she knows, that Love Actually is not a comedy.

Kamil Buchtík

Among other things (such as hang around cafes, drinking red wine and walks through the city) he also creates larps. He co-wrote several chamber larps (Telenovela, The Prom or What if), one bigger larp (The Mist) and one gigantic (De la Bete). He could be a genius pioneer of larp diagrams but Lucie Chlumská smother his talent in its inception (the painting career of the Little Prince Storyteller is the similar case). The time he spare by not making larp diagrams he spend for watching movies and TV shows. And therefore he knows that Love Actually is a comedy.

Big thanks to

We would like to thank to Hanka Maturová and her team of models (Šuhi, Domča, Lishai and Flankers) for amazing promo photos.

We are grateful to all people who helped with the translation and proofreading of all game materials – among others to Zevla, Crian Shields, Eva Buchtíková or Kateřina Holendová.